Puddings For Perfect Skin


Here is the really exciting bit: ali those
yummy desserts that are normally frowned
on when trying to eat a better diet – well,
here are gorgeous puds that are good for
you, so eat up and have second helpings
even (nutritionist’ s orders!).

Chocolate mousse (vegan)

You won’t believe that this is a health food,
it just tastes so naughty!
• 1 ripe organic avocado (the smooth
Fuerte type are good as they have little
• 1 ripe organic banana
• 1 tablespoon raw cocoa powder or raw
carob powder
• Dash of vanilla essence
How to make
• Blend ali together in a food processor or
• Decorate with a physalis fruit for style
• Add a dash of orange juice or fresh
mint fora variation

Sexy ice-cream (vegan)

Shut your eyes and melt into this silky
sınooth treat:

• 3 ripe organic bananas
• Half a vanilla pod
How to make
• Slice and freeze the bananas overnight
• Scrape out the seeds of the vanilla pod
and add to the sliced bananas
• Blend in a food processor until the
consistency of soft ice-crearn
• Variation: add other frozen fruit, e.g.
strawberries or blackberries

Banoffee pie (vegan)

Yes, there’s even a healthy version of this!
• 100g/3Yı oz brazil nuts
• 200g/7 oz dried dates
• 3 ripe organic bananas
• 100-300rnl/3Yı-10 fi oz organic coconut
Howto make
• Soak 100g/3Yı oz dried dates overnight
in 100ml/6X tbsp coconut milk
• Put the nuts and rest of the dried dates
in a food processor and blend to make
a sticky dough
• · Press the ‘dough’ into a small tart tin
and refrigerate fora few hours
• Blend the coconut milk/soaked date
mixture to make a fudgey sauce
• Add more coconut milk if necessary
• Layer sliced bananas and fudgey sauce
in the nut/ date base
• Finish with a covering of sauce on top
• Share with friends – it’s rich