Lush Lunches And Delish Dinners


So now you’ve got ali those tasty breakfasts
to enjoy, here are some delicious ideas for
a skin-feeding lunch. l’ve offered recipes
that are ali suitable for eating at work, so
there’s no excuse for not taking a healthy
packed lunch. When your colleagues notice
how gorgeous your skin is and how much
younger you’re starting to look, they’ll all

be wanting to eat what you bring in. These
dishes are also great for dinner-time too.
lt is better to eat lightly at the end of the
day, as stodgy heavy meals can make the
body and mind lethargic.

The great thing with eating this way is
that because all the foods are so healthy it
doesn’t matter if you just want a pudding
for diru,er or just a smoothie for lunch,
you’ll stili be packing the body ful! of vital
nutrients which will make you glow inside
and out. You may have noticed that most
of these foods are raw. This is no accident:
raw foods are the best building materials
for the body, and by eating at least 50% of
your diet raw you can be sure that beautiful
skin and super-health are easily achievable
right now.

Chips and dips (vegan)

The healthy version.
For the chips
• 2 organic wholemeal pitta breads
How to make
• Slice the pittas into diagonal strips
• Then cut across the strips to make
diamond/square shapes
• Pull the two halves of the bread shapes
• Place on a baking tray and put in a
medium oven for 10 minutes

• Move the ehips about, then put baek in
oven fora further 10 minutes
• Cheek frequently as some will erisp up
more quiekly than others
• Remove when brown and erispy
• Leave to eool

Guacamole (vegan)

This is yummy, green and full of vitamin E
for healthy skin
• 1 ripe organie Hass avoeado
• 1 organic tomato
• Halfa fresh mild ehilli
• 1 clove garlie
• Juiee of 2 limes
• A small handful fresh eoriander stalks
How to make
• Halve the avoeado and seoop out the
• Put everything into a food proeessor
• Proeess until ereamy but not overly
• Serve with pitta ehips and erudites
(earrot stieks, eueumber sliees ete.)

Beany feast (vegan)

A really filling tasty dip.
• 1 tin organie butter beans
• 2 cloves organie garlie
• J uiee of 2 organie lemons
• A dash of organie olive oil
How to ınake
• Drain off the beans and rinse under
running water
• Plaee everything into a blender
• Whiz up until smooth and creamy
• Serve with pitta ehips and erudites
(earrot stieks, eueumber sliees ete.)

Salad sticks (vegan)

I love these; they look so eute and are
A eombination of any of the following:
• Organie eherry tomatoes
• Organie stoned olives
• Chunks of organic eueumber
• Chunks of organie peppers
• Organie raw mushrooms
• Organie grapes
• Fresh basil leaves

How to make
• Fili up wooden skewers with a mix of
these foods
• Eat as they are or serve with
guacamole ete.

Cabbage wraps (vegan)

These are as tasty and filling as the usual
kind of wrap sandwich, but being wheatfree
they don’t leave you bloated and sleepy
• Several leaves from a soft cabbage
(the pointy ones are the best)
• Some of the ‘Beany feast’ dip (see p.36)
• Shredded lettuce
• Grated carrot
• Grated beetroot
• Spread a thick la yer of beany dip on a
cabbage leaf
• Sprinkle a thick Jayer of salady bitsin
a line down the middle of the leaf on
top of the dip
• Roll up the cabbage leaf tightly like a
tortilla wrap sandwich
• Secure with a cocktail stick if necessary
• Eat straight away or wrap in
greaseproof paper to eat la ter