My Worst Five Anti-Nutrient Foods



Number one anti-nutrient – this means
white sugar, brown sugar, molasses and
yes even honey to some extent. In fact any
sugar which has been extracted from its
original form is a liability for the body, not
just sh·ipping out the nutrients but also suppressing
immunity too. Sugar in its natura!
form (i.e. wrapped up in a fibrous raw fruit
or vegetable) is fine and provides the body
with needed energy, but the pure stuff just
provides empty calories.


Siınilarly, natura! mineral salts present in
raw fruits and vegetables do not present a
problem, but adding extracted salt to food
is messing with the natura! balance in the
body. Too much salt will result in puffy skin
as well asa whole host of other health issues.

Fried fatty foods

As if the food wasn’t fatty enough, it gets
heated in grease too. Heated fats and oils
clog up the body and also prevent the
assiınilation of the essential fatty acids
which are necessary for skin health. Be
aware of your body – does it feel healthy
after eating a fry-up?


We are a nation of binge-drinkers, it seems,
and it is playing havoc with our looks!
Alcohol is very dehydrating to the whole
body as well as the skin – keep on boozing
if you want saggy, dry, sallow skin!

Junk/processed foods

They taste horrid and are way too high in
bad fats, salt and sugar. They should be
avoided at all costs if possible. The body cannot
build healthy skin from junk materials.
it is important not to get too hung up
about your dietary intake and become
obsessive; a healthy body is more resilient
and so can cope better when you have the
occasional junky food or lavish cocktail.
Concentrate on getting 80% of your diet
healthy and do not worry too much about
the other 20% for now. Be gentle with yourself
and give yourself time to make changes;
this way any changes made are ınore likely
to stick and you will reap the long-term
health benefits.
üne of the ways you can make changes
is to do it ona meal-by-meal basis, starting
with breakfast. ünce the healthy breakfast
ha bit is totally formed, then (and only then)
move on to lunch and make changes there,
and so on. After a few months your entire
diet will have improved dramatically, yet
you will have barely noticed.

The following food section is really just
a ‘taster’ to get you started on the healthy
skin path; for more in-depth information
refer to the recipe books in the Resources
section, or alternatively, if you are very
serious about changing your diet, seek out a
loca\ holistic nutritionist or naturopath who
will work with you and help you to adjust
to a new healthier way of eating which can
be life-changing!