Feeding Your Skin


Considering that every single skin celi on
your body is maintained, repaired and even
built from the materials provided in your
daily diet, it is iınperative that the food eaten
on a regular basis is providing the nutrients
needed. The skin reflects what is going on
inside the body, so if there are puffiness,
premature ageing, spots or even diseases,
then it’s time to look within and detoxify the
body back to health.

Changing your diet to a more healthful
one is also one of the quickest ways you can
improve and beautify the skin. A healthy
diet is not ali bran sticks and lettuce; in fact
it isn’ t anything like that. As a nutritionist
I make it my aim to fill my body with only
the best- tasting and health-giving foods
available. I love eating, and my food has to
look and taste gorgeous as well as making
me feel and look amazing. So please do not
imagine that in order to have fabulous skin
you have to endure a lifetime of eating boring
brown mush; I’ d never eat like that, so
I’m certainly not going to ask you to.

What I do suggest is that you eat plenty
of super-tasty, bright and colourful, energygiving
wonder foods; this will include
yumıny puddings, sweet treats, chocolate
shakes, ice-creaın and ali manner of divine
dinner delights. Sounds too good to be true?
Well, the proof of the healthy pudding is
indeed in the eating,

here are some
general tips for healthy skin:


Drink two litres (two U.S. quarts) of

This must be plain water-preferably filtered.

Cut down on tea and coffee

Try to replace at Jeast some of these drinks
with herbal teas.

Cut right down on alcohol

At the very least swap to good quality
organic wines, beers and ciders, and drink
in moderation (if at ali). It is also wise to
know your upper liınits for weekly alcohol
unit intake. Formen this aınounts to 21 units
a week and for women this is 14 units per
week – remember this is an upper limit, not
a ta.rget to strive for. Jf you’ re not sure how
many units are in your favourite drinks, ask
your doctor, who ınay have a unit-calculator;
these are useful gadgets which certainly
create a shock factor when you realise how
much your weekly intake really is!

Be Raw-some

Try to include plenty of raw foods in your
diet. Tf you can get your daily intake to
be at least 50% raw fruits and vegetables,

you will see your skin transform magically
before your eyes into super-flawless beauty.

Eat the rainbow

Colourful foods have the most beauty nuh·ients!
Eat a wide variety of mulh-coloured
fruit and vegetables daily:
• Red – cherries, tomatoes, watermelon,
grapes, red cabbage
• Orange – oranges, peppers, carrots,
apricots, pumpkin
• Yellow – peppers, bananas, lemons,
honeydew melon
• Green – lettuces, spinach, watercress,
limes, avocado
• Blue – plums, blueberries (nope, blue
Smarties do not count!)
• Purples – beetroot, aubergine, purplesprouting
broccoli, blackberries

Be super

Super-foods are super nutrient-rich foods,
such as avocados, brazil nuts, most berries,
broccoli and lambs-lettuce, which are not
only tasty but will make you glow! There are
also some really exotic super-foods such as
spirulina, maca, hemp powder, carob powder,
powdered wheatgrass juice, raw cacao ate.

Try these powerful, health-giving plant
extracts whizzed up in fresh juices and
smoothies fora super health kick.

Essential Fatty Acids

They are indeed ‘essential’ – these are the
body’s ‘must have’ fats, and they help
keep the skin supple and smooth. EFAs are
naturally present in most raw nuts and
seeds, but you can also supplement your
diet with hemp oil or linseed oil to ensure
that you’re getting enough. A teaspoon or
two of EFA-rich plant oil in a smoothie is
an easy way to add this to the diet.


If you’re thinking that eating nutritiously
seems very expensive, here is the answer to
super-foods ona budget – sprouts!! Not the
Brussels type, but the tiny cute ones formed
when you add moisture to a seed. Most of us
have had mung bean sprouts at some point,
but there are loads of other tastier sprouts
that give you a mass of minerals and vitamins
and, best of ali, a packet of seeds and
some jam jars cost next to nothing. Eat them
with salad, in sandwiches, sprinkled on top
of soups, or juice theın with fruit ete. Just
get those tiny nutrient factories inside your
body and your skin will thank you for it.