A Quick Guide to Sproutting


• Get some suitable seeds –
alfalfa, sunflower and mung
beans are all easy to grow
• Place a dessertspoon full of dry
seed in the bottom of a clean
jam jar
• Fill up the jar with filtered
or bottled water and leave
overnight (eight hours)
• Next lay drain the seeds
leaving’ just a small bit of
moisture the jar
• Repeat twice daily for threedays
• On day four, start eating them
• Store in the fridge
• Start a new lot of sprouts

Get nutty

Snack on snıall handfuls of raw nuts (brazils,
alnıonds, hazels ete.) and seeds (sun.flower,
punıpkin and flax ete.) for a mineral boost
and for quality proteins which will repair
and maintain your skin.

Feeling juicy

Nothing beats freshly made fruit and
vegetable juices for a vitamin injection.
Juices are digested fast, and give an instant
energy and nutrient boost. Juicers are easy
and cheap to pick up these days, and it’s
one of the best health investn,ents you
will nıake – keep it handy in the kitchen so
daily juicing will be an easy ha bit to keep.

Smooth skin drinks

Smoothies are fruits whizzed up in a blender
to make a thick and healthy drink. These can
be very filling, and you can add powdered
super foods and EFA-rich oils to really make
a health-boosting meal in a glass.

As with ali the advice in this book,
please do not get overwhelmed. No one
is asking you to suddenly turn into Miss
su per-s prou ter-j uicer-organic-clothingwearer-
teetotal-health-freak. These are just
suggestions that you can pick and choose
from; in fact implementing just one of the
steps above will give you noticeable results.

Now before we move on to the tasty
recipes, here are some foods to be wary
of, as they are often considered, by holistic
nutritionists, to be anti nutrients foods
which actually destroy the nutrients in the
body rather than provide them.